Obesity and its historic origins.


The truth about obesity in the 21st century has become a complex, far reaching and very controversial subject that has to be examined from cradle to grave. In order to tackle the problem properly it is necessary to examine both eating habits and the way of life we lead. To all intents and purposes the ‘family’ groups as we once knew have been eroded beyond recognition and with that progress, if you can call it that, so has the very fabric of our existence now.

The History

If we turn back the clock some 60 – 70 years our way of life was a pattern mapped out by our parents and our forebears and our daily routines were for the most part common to all. When I say this I mean our time tables and activities were the same for every man, woman and child.

Normal Day

A normal day started with a hearty breakfast usually of cereals or porridge, full cream milk, a large plate of wholesome food such as eggs, sausages, beans, maybe black pudding, my favourite and a couple of slices of fried bread. During the rest of the day we all had what was known as 3 square meals a day. Lunch, Tea and Dinner plus maybe a cup of Horlicks or Milo before bed.

Extra Treats

However there was never mid meal snacking like crisps and sugary drinks one of the other reasons why we have ballooned in the 21st century !! The only thing I remember from my early years was going to our Italian Ice Parlour for a Peach Melba or Banana Split on a Saturday afternoon or maybe getting a dressed crab for tea.

Healthy Food

We all grew up healthy filled with wholesome food with no additives, no harmful chemicals, no additional sugars. In other words pure foods from organic origins, eggs from natural fed poultry and meat from grass fed animals. Everything in the garden was rosy.

The Food Industry

Then along came the food industry that had to modernise, cut costs, make more profits, normal organic food production was not profitable, the farmers were struggling, the small holdings and tenant farmers were being depleted so food production had to be more mechanised, the ingredients of our food were too costly to be sustained so the chemists sat down and came up with the idea of food additives so the crops would last longer and could sit on shelves for weeks instead of days.


The next bombshell to hit our food supplies was the drinks industry back in the 40’s we had Coco Cola, Pepsi and various fruit carbonated drinks, numbering no more than maybe 20 or 30 brands now there are so many different non alcoholic drinks available they must be in their multiple thousands out there. Everything from ‘bottled’ spring water to a cornucopia of so called ‘energy’ drinks.

All the time the ticking time bomb of Obesity was getting nearer and nearer to exploding.!!

Back In Time Again

Going back to the forties for instance the vast majority of children were by today’s standard ‘skinny’ in fact when we look at an example we would say under nourished but in fact being skinny was the norm and we were in the main healthy and well fed. I remember when I was at infant school there was only ONE boy in my class that was anything near being fat and we called him ‘Podge’ everybody else also by today’s standards were like bean poles!! I have some pictures of kids playing from that time and their ribs are showing but they were perfectly healthy. So when did we move from being a skinny race to the bulging ‘fatties’ we have now become?

The Origin of The Problem

The answer is twofold and it was in my opinion the fault of our cousins over the water and the explosion of so called ‘fast food’ coupled with the inexorable but slow changes to the way our foods were produced. The main culprit in my opinion was the introduction of sugar substitutes and other chemicals that were very slowly added to our diets in most cases without our knowledge. It is only now that the general public are becoming aware of the changes and the consequences of adding harmful and to some extent poisonous ingredients in our food supply!! Not only that but we are also exacerbating the fact by feeding the animals that we subsequently consume with non-organic foods.

Back to Reality

To bring my story back to present day we now know that over the years our general health has deteriorated dramatically there are far more illnesses and stretched health services nowadays than ever before and the main culprit for this explosion of ailment in our population is from what we are eating !! plus what our doctors are prescribing but that is another story!!

Moving Forward

In my research I shall not only be looking at nutrition but also at the devastating effects the current food industry is wreaking on our citizens both young and old. There are so many foods in the supermarkets that you should NOT EAT and many more that you should eat but are not aware of. My goal is to bring to light all of the many beneficial foods that are readily available though it is necessary to be vigilant in identifying the fakes! And yes there are unscrupulous people that sell foods that purport to be “healthy” when they are the exact opposite. In my quest for finding the best foods to consume for a fit and healthy life I have found the devastating truth that not all is what it seems and the food industry is still pulling the wool over our eyes when it comes to being totally truthful about what is actually in our food and usually hidden in chemical names we have never heard of but masquerading as a normal ingredient.

Looking for Answers

Every day scientific testing is finding more and more about the poisons we have been putting into our bodies and it is time it has to stop. Unfortunately the USA is a lot further down the road to us with their introduction of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) that now constitutes to over 95% of foods being produced, also pesticide spraying that is killing off the natural bacteria killing properties of organic crops.

Further Studies

My studies into Health and Nutrition will encompass all of the above concerns and hopefully give people the chance to re-evaluate their life styles and possibly change the way we look at the food we buy and how we eat to live a full and healthy life. There is even further proof of benefits from knowing when to eat certain foods and when not.

This is just the start of a journey for me in which I will endeavour to change the way society looks at the food industry and push for changes that will insure that the food industry starts to look at what they are doing to our bodies on a daily basis. My premise is that if we the public can change what the food industry supplies and how they process foods they will eventually stop feeding us foods that are slowly poisoning our bodies.

Government Intervention

Finally, when considering Obesity and its historic origins I will also be looking at the way the Government of the United Kingdom is tackling the obesity problem. I have read quite a few documents freely distributed by the HMSO and will be looking for ways to improve the current situation with regards to both juvenile and adult obesity. The only way to get change is to voice an opinion and if that voice is loud enough and from a mass of people it cannot be ignored.h2

Welcome to My World of Nutrition and Health

Hi Folks Launch date 10th September 2016

has finally arrived and this will be my first real live post. I have spent many years up until quite recently to get to this point, being gainfully employed and just ‘toying’ with IM at spare times.

However now I am on the case full time and hope to make this website “The Truth About Obesity” the place to come to for finding what you are looking for without trolling through endless websites just to get frustrated with information overload.

I will endeavour to sift all the relevant information and hopefully point my readers in the right direction to the right information to their benefit.

The website will contain masses of freely available on the internet though spread across thousands of sites so I will  be trying to extract all of the relevant information: to create an index with clickable links to all of the major relevant sites while incorporating some of the major information in blog post form.

I will be posting a blog 2 – 3 times per week and look forward to my visitors making comments or requests for particular information. I have a nutrition expert on hand to offer specific advice should a visitor require.

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Derek Gibson